How To Start A Car Wrapping Business in the UK? (Checklist)

How To Start A Car Wrapping Business in the UK

A car wrapping business in the UK is a quite effective business technique now growing rapidly. Moreover, it is such a lucrative business that it is a great career move for businessmen or start-ups.

A car wrapping refers to covering the cars with vinyl graphics or decals for advertising or aesthetic motives. Partially or entirely, it is a technique to change the color or the look of a car in the quick possible way making it vibrant & noticeable. 

To start a car wrapping business, a proper and well-proved business plan is a must. Everything should be clear about how one is going to start the business. According to the plan, getting the fund, a good business structure, or well advertising is also in need for a car wrapping business. 

In this article, we’re going to highlight every aspect relating to how to start a car wrapping business in the UK. So keep an eye out for the article.

How To Start A Car Wrapping Business in the UK

Is Car Wrapping Business Profitable?

Is Car Wrapping Business Profitable

Certainly, car wrapping is a profitable business. Wrapping cars is a worthwhile business as the business doesn’t require too many start-up costs. With a low fund in hand & a clear visual of how to make profits, the car wrapping business is a good idea to make more money through it than the investments on it. 

As to starting a business, the first concern is how much time, effort & money one is investing in a business and how much profits they’re gaining. The car wrapping business has limitless potential, and more than that, it has low start-up costs. So it can be a good idea for start-ups looking for more profits on low investments. 

This profit amount will depend on how many cars you wrap in a week or a month. For a person who can do well in this field, the potentiality of profits is high for them. With experience and good hand skills, one can surely expect a good amount of money in this car wrapping business. 

Is Wrapping A Car Difficult?

Is Wrapping A Car Difficult?

Not at all; wrapping a car is not a hard task as long as you have patience & a balanced hand on the required tools. As this work requires no license or special training, everything will come into detail with the experience & time.  

Wrapping a car is a process where the car is completely or partially covering the original paint with the vinyl wrap. Through a car wrapping, there can be a lot of colors, textures, or designs and finish like a gloss or matte. The whole look of a car can be changed according to the owner’s wish through a car wrap.

Wrapping a car is a time-consuming process. As it needs much more time to wrap a whole car with vinyl where you’re changing its look, patience needs. Car wrapping can be a smooth process with patience in mind, attention to detail, and enough time in hand.

The tools that are required to wrap a car are easily accessible. A steady hand on the tools that can shape what the mind is thinking can make this process easy. 

Everything goes through this process, making one from a normal to an expert with time & experience. Every work comes with challenges. Wrapping a car, hard or easy, can be defined by how determined one is on the challenges they’re facing.

Are you asking yourself what I need to start a car wrapping business in the UK?

Step by Step guide to Start a Car Wrapping Business in the UK

Step by Step guide to Start a Car Wrapping Business in the UK

You can start a car wrapping business in the UK by following these steps! By taking advantage of these tips, you can start wrapping cars for a living and enjoy the benefits of being an entrepreneur. No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s vehicle advertising or changing the color of a personal vehicle, you can find clients for your wraps. So let’s dive into the steps below.

Write a Car Wrapping Business Plan

The first step is to write a plan. If you dive into wrapping cars without a business model, you won’t succeed. Getting proper training should be part of your business plan if you do not feel confident about your ability to complete full wraps and partial wraps.

To prepare your business plan, consider these steps:

Identify suppliers: Find the individuals who will provide your company with vinyl and car wraps. Find out where you will get your printer and lamination equipment.

Figure out installation procedures: Plan how you install your equipment and car wraps.

Find business entity type: Make a list of the business entities your company identifies on paper. Later, we’ll discuss these in more detail.

Set your prices: Decide how much you will charge. The price of your lamination machine, vinyl materials, and other items may vary. You might need to experiment with the price once you open.

Seek a location: 

No matter where your business operates, whether, in your garage or rented space, you need a place to do business. Make sure the location is safe and easy to find for your people. The area is vital for success.

Solve expansion and marketing plans: 

Develop a plan for expanding your business and growing as more customers come in. To prepare for future equipment, map out the expected costs and plan for future equipment.

By following these steps, you will be far ahead of most companies when it comes to wrapping cars.

To obtain loans for your company, you will need to provide this information to a lender. Prepare all the legal paperwork to make it easier for car owners to move forward with their wrap business. As you lay the foundation for success, there is much to consider.

Get Funding for you Car Wrapping Business (If Needed)

Starting a business isn’t cheap, especially if you work independently. It may be necessary to get funding for the project. Money might be obtained through mortgages, loans, or online fundraisers.

The company will need money for the following aspects:


You may need to purchase equipment and related accessories depending on your needs.

The building: 

If you don’t already have one, renting or buying a climate-controlled area of operation will be necessary.


To wrap cars, supplies like design software, vinyl wrap, and heat guns are needed.


To make good money, you’ll need to spread the word. Advertise on social media and other easily accessible platforms.


Do you need help, or are you working alone? You will have to pay for training if you want more employees.

When you calculate everything, these costs will add up quickly.

Everyone doesn’t need to take this step. 

Every situation is different; some people might have the money they need to wrap cars professionally. You can skip this step if that applies to you. However, getting out of debt sooner is best to get many payments out of the way at the beginning.

Choose Your Car Wrapping Business Structure

The next step is to determine the structure of your business once everything is in order. Finally, you will need this legal identifier to obtain an employer identification number from the IRS, a business license, and general liability insurance. 

A business structure is also necessary if you need auto insurance for traveling to customers or compensation for your employees.

The following are five types of business structures to consider when choosing a business structure:

Sole Proprietorships: 

Your business is completely under your control, and you are personally liable and responsible for everything that happens.


A limited or limited liability partnership is where two or more people own a business.

C Corporations: 

C corporations are entities that are separate from their owners. Taxes can be imposed on them, they can make a profit, and they are legally liable. The owner and the company are both subject to double taxation.

S Corporations: 

The profits and losses of S corporations are taxed to the owner, so they avoid the double taxation C corporations receive.

Limited Liability Company: 

Limited liability companies, also known as LLCs, combine the advantages of a corporation and a partnership.

For the above-listed benefits, choose the one that best suits your company.

Once you select a business structure for your services, you can purchase insurance and other legal items. Speaking with a professional to determine the costs required to operate each vehicle’s business structure is critical.

Determine Your Business Name

The best companies have a brand that clients remember even when they don’t need their wraps. Your business name must stand out among competitors and make a name for itself in the vehicle wrap industry. 

The name of your business is the first thing that will attract individuals to your business.

To make your brand stand out with a few words, use the following strategy:

Check out the guidelines: 

Depending on your state, you must follow certain guidelines when naming your business. Consider these factors.

Scope nearby competitors: 

Take a look at any nearby car wrap businesses. Use their name as a starting point to find yours.

Make it memorable but easy: 

Make sure the name stands out without being too difficult to remember or pronounce.

Keep it web-friendly: 

If you plan to invest in a website for your company, you should choose a short, snappy name.

You will have a solid name for your target audience if you follow these tips.

It’s time to finalize the process once you have your name and everything legal. We’ll discuss registering your business next to tie everything together.

Register Your Car Wrapping Business

It’s time to register your business officially. As a car wrap company, this is the most exciting step. In order to conduct business under your legal name, you will need to register your company.

Federal agencies: 

You don’t need to provide information to this branch unless you want a federal tax ID.

State agencies: 

Government operations that work with the state are included here.

Local agencies: 

These are local government offices. Keep up with your state’s and company’s requirements. They should be available online.

Having determined whether and where your company needs to be registered, you are ready to get started. 

Set up your business and reach out to as many people as possible. You’ll have plenty of customers walking through your door in no time. You’ve got this!

Is Car Wrapping a Good Business in the UK?

Yes, Car wrapping is a good business in the UK. Nowadays, people are obsessed with their cars’ look, making vehicle wrapping a great business idea. Creating beautiful vehicles for clients and advertising for them is within your reach in business.

Wrapping vehicles can help you in the following ways:

Business owners: 

It can be very beneficial for a business to have a car wrap supporting their brand. In addition, advertising the car will increase your company’s customer reach.

Average car owners: 

The beauty of a car is something everyone loves, isn’t it? Professional vehicle wrappers can help people transform their drives into the cars of their dreams.

Damaged vehicles: 

If your car has sustained significant damage from age or a car accident, a vehicle wrap can help transform it. It is possible to make them beautiful again.

Wrapping benefits a lot of people.

Wrapping cars is a great career choice if you’re passionate about cars and how they look. Working with cars and talking to fascinating people is what you can do all day. This is an ideal business because you work for yourself rather than someone else.

Is Car wrapping legal in the UK?

Yes, it is legal to wrap your car in the UK. There are no laws in place at the moment. However, there are restrictions, such as not impersonating a UK police car.

It is important to inform the DVLA of any changes made to your car when it has been wrapped, even if it is not a permanent change.

To update your vehicle’s CV5 certificate, you must inform the DVLA as the registered owner.

If you wrap your vehicle or parts, you should notify your insurance company. Your insurance cost is unlikely to change because of it, but the company will want to know if you need to fix or replace the wrap if you get into an accident.

How much does it cost to start a car wrapping business?

The start-ups can start the business with an investment range of $10,000-$18,000, where the average range is $14,000. With this investment, one can expect $46,000-$140,000 in a year after factoring in the average cost to wrap a car. 

How much does a Car wrapper make in the United Kingdom?

How much does a Vehicle wrapper make in the United Kingdom

Car wrappers owners’ salary is £25,000 per year or £12.82 per hour on average in the United Kingdom. Entry-level positions start at £24,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to £30,000 per year.

The salary of a car wrapping owner is between £24,000-£30,000, according to Uk.TalentOpens in a new tab., a UK marketplace for the employment of job seekers, the average annual pay for the car wrapping category is £25,000 in the United States. 

Nowadays, the car wrapping business is a high-potential business that is growing rapidly worldwide. Start-ups like the idea of a car wrapping business as the business is highly-profitable with low investment. The car rapping owner also gets a good amount of payment.

As we mentioned above, the annual pay for this car wrapping is £25,000. So, according to this calculation, the amount is equal to £2,083/ Month & £481/ Weekly.

Look at the current salaries range in percentile in the United Kingdom.

Hour DayWeek MonthYear
Salary Rate£12.82/ Hour£96.15/ Day£481/ Weekly£2,083/ Month£25,000/ Annual
Table of Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Salary Rate

This average car wrap owner’s salary differs from each other in the other countries of the world.
Wrapping a car business is a quite effective business & is a growing trend. In a car wrapping business, the owner got paid a good salary.

In this business, there are many opportunities for improvement or advancement and to increase the average salary based on skills, location & years of car wrapping experience.

How much to Wrap a Car in Uk? (UK Average Car Wrapping Price List)

  1. Signwriting
  2. Personal wraps
  3. Full-color change wraps


Layout/design, labor, and materials are included. VAT is not included in any of the prices below. Sign writing usually takes 2-3 days with the supplier to discuss designs and layout options.

 Low CoverageHigh CoveragePart WrapFull Wrap
Small Car or Van£80 – £200£225 – £350£400 – £600£1200 – £3000
Medium Car Van£150 – £350£350- £550£600 – £900£1600 – £4000
Large Van or Box£275 – £600£450- £1000£800 – £1350£2000 – £4500

Personal Car Wrapping

The great thing about car wrapping is that you can wrap individual panels, so it’s cheaper than repainting. If your budget is tight for one month, you can just wrap the wing mirrors or roof and wait until the following month for the remaining panels. The edges are kept neat, so it will still look awesome during the transition stage! 

ServicePrice From
Roof Wraps£125
Bonnet Wraps£125
Carbon Fibre Detailing£100
Mirror Wraps£80
Spoiler or Rear Wing£125
Interior Detailing£150
Racing Stripes & Graphics£125
Race car graphics£450
One Way Window Graphics£120
Window Block Out Graphics£150

Full Colour Change Wraps

Please note that most suppliers charge extra for door shuts (the area of the bodywork visible when the doors are open), ranging from £200 – £350. 

 Smart CarSmall Car (Mini, Fiesta)Medium Car (Audi A3, BMW 1)Large Car (Audi A5, BMW 3)
 4×4/Supercar (Range Rover)Small VanMedium VanLarge VanBox Van

Final Verdict 

A car wrapping business in the UK is a good scheme to start a business. With a well-proof plan for the business & by having a clear vision towards it, one can succeed in the business even with a low fund. Moreover, as it is highly profitable, the car wrapping business can be a good idea for start-ups.

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