Zoom Success Story
Zoom Success Story

Zoom Success Story | The Explosive Growth of Zoom

Zoom Success Story Video Communications took the world by storm during the COVID-19 outbreak. Zoom witnessed a remarkable increase, due to Eric Yuan’s innovative ideas for cloud-based video calling and conferencing.

Learn about Zoom Success Story and Eric Yuan’s journey to becoming a billionaire. Read how Yuan came up with the idea of Zoom and why it became so popular.

Eric Yuan might be the most familiar face in Silicon Valley. He is the co-founder and CEO of Zoom Video Communications and the founder and chairman of the board of Quixey.

He also owns and runs an angel fund called Yuan Capital. A lot of people consider him a role model and a successful entrepreneur who has a strong desire to get success.

Who Is Eric Yuan?

Eric Yuan is a visionary and a serial entrepreneur ( Founder of Zoom ) with a history of successfully founding and Zoom Success Story.

Eric Yuan was born on February 20, 1970, in Taian, China, Yuan move to Silicon Valley in 1997 after nine failed attempts to obtain a visa.

Yuan is best known as the founder and CEO of Zoom, a video conferencing software company that has more than 504,900 customers globally, including Facebook, Apple, Uber, and Alibaba. In 2008, he was named one of Forbes Asia’s Heroes of the Next Economy.

Early Life of Eric Yuan

Eric Subrah Yuan was born in 1970. A billionaire American businessman of Chinese descent who is the founding CEO of Zoom Video Conferencing App. Although its share in Zoom Communications is 22 percent. Zoom Success Story.

He is an IT engineer by profession. Has worked long hours at large firms like Cisco. Webex VideoCall software is also made in his hand.

Yuan’s father was a geological engineer. He was born and raised in Taiwan, Shandong Province, China. As a child, Yuan collected construction scraps for copper recycling and sold them for cash.

Eric Yuan’s Education

Yuan holds a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from Shandong University of Science and Technology, with which he also studied computer applications.

He holds a master’s degree in geological engineering from the Chinese University of Mining and Technology in Beijing. Yuan also completed an executive program at Stanford University in 2006.

Eric Yuan Founding Zoom

While still a first-year student at the university, Yuan had to travel 10 hours by train to meet his girlfriend in 1986. This long journey was not at all pleasant for Yuan.

During this time he was looking for an easy way to meet his girlfriend and he was inspired to create videotelephony software and Zoom Success Story. At a time he discovered Zoom and gained a reputation as the Founder of Zoom.

The Zoom Success Story

Today, as successful as Zoom is, it’s as much a sad story as it is a part of the story. Eric started Zoom’s journey with many dreams.

At first, they used to e-mail customers with various information about their services. But all those emails were never answered, even though they said they didn’t want to use Zoom.

Naturally, Eric began to break down emotionally. He is constantly trying to figure out how to reach the customers, and how to highlight their zoom benefits.

Meanwhile, those who took the service gradually began to exclude the zoom service. Eric began to see for himself why this was happening. That rule is still going on.

One such incident in the early days still moved Eric. “I e-mailed all the customers who have dropped out of the service since the beginning of Zoom to find out why they dropped out of Zoom,” he said.

One customer told me in reply that we had received an auto-generated mail calling him ‘fake’. He said Zoom is a rogue company.

I quickly answered his mail. I told you, we did not write this mail and it is not part of our marketing in any way.

But he did not believe us. Then I called him directly to see the zoom call that I answer all the zoom mail. Although he did not call again, he stopped calling Zum dishonest.

Sharing graphics images in public calls, or hacking online classes or meetings is called ‘zoom bombing’.

Often after such zoom bombing, questions are raised about the service of zoom. Since this problem, Zoom has introduced a feature where one of the hosts of the meeting stays, and shares the screen with others.

The sound of camera options is turned off while one is talking.

In April, Eric apologized for his problems in a blog post. ‘We didn’t design Zoom in such a way that in just a few weeks, everyone from around the world would use Zoom for work-study-socialization.

We understand the importance of our limitations, privacy, and security. I’m so sorry we didn’t do it completed successfully. But we’re working hard on those issues.

Increased the company’s ‘bug-bounty program’ (hackers are rewarded for finding flaws in the company’s security system) and organized weekly conferences to improve the company.

“Zoom is working on the privacy, security, and trust of its customers,” said Zoom. We have been working day and night on the Covid-19 epidemic to ensure that hospitals, universities, schools, and businesses from all over the world can be connected at any time.

Eric never hesitates to give. ‘We have a great, great team working for clients and a social media team. However, if I ever see a customer dissatisfied with us or needs their help, I take it personally. I try my best to solve that problem.


Eric always adheres to the principle of ‘work hard and be humble’. Eric’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to start with the rules from the very first day according to what their company will be working on. ‘Company rules are my priority.

This is more important than the team, the product, the business model, or the investor. The Team can fix these issues. But the rules have to be fixed from the first day.

Once there’s a problem with the rules, it’s hard to sort it out. ’He worked about 18 hours a day at the start of the zoom. Eric has always been keen to encourage distant work.

According to him, ‘Millennials know they can get a job without going to the office and Zoom Success Story.

And in just 10 years, you will see Millennials become leaders. This will become normal at some point. Coronavirus is just one case. This world will become the world of the youth, not ours.

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